Middlesex Veterinary Center

31 Stevens St.
Littleton, MA 01460




Our sweet Bridget, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on May 26, 2016.


Bridget photos courtesy of PictureIT Photography

The driver opened the door of his tractor trailer to unload his delivery to the Market Basket in Leominster, MA and found a surprise. In addition to his load, there was a stowaway cat, injured and waiting to be rescued; her leg had been crushed by a pallet and was badly broken. Not to worry- Dr. Mockler was close by, as she was working part time at a nearby animal hospital while getting ready to open Middlesex Veterinary Center. Dr. Mockler brought the injured kitty back to MVC and with her dedicated technician Carrie, set about repairing her broken leg and nursing her back to health.

That was in 2001 and Bridget, as she was named, has been Middlesex Veterinary Center's mascot ever since. In case you're concerned that Bridget would be happier living in a home instead of the hospital, rest assured: after recovering from her injury she went home with Carrie, but Bridget made it quite clear that she preferred to be at the hospital where she could rule the roost.

These days, you will often find Bridget lounging on an employee's lap or chair, keeping order in the waiting room from atop the reception counter, acting as a bench warmer, and occasionally greeting our two-legged clients. Bridget prefers not to greet our four-legged patients.